Blend some fruits and vegetables together to make A Yummy Smoothie is regarded as an effective way to collect less calories, burn fat, get weight-loss for a long time. However, as some study Symarom Company has made, smoothies are trickier to use than we might expect.

Symarom Company offers you 5 Smoothie tips to take note

Not all fruits and vegetables are low-calorie

according to Web MD, smoothies served in restaurant can contain more calories than a fast-food meal. If you make one by yourself, Symarom Company reccomend that only use one or maybe two kinds of fruits or vegetables instead of a bunch of varied fruits to keep the calories down. Why?
In reality, there is no real difference between natural sugar that is contained in fruit and artificial, refined sugar.

Add good protein in yoiur smoothie

smoothie tips to lose weight from symarom company

Protein is a necessary part of any smoothie, a valuable part of losing weight because can help you full, keep your energy levels high and not eat again a short while later. Nuts, tofu, protein powder, especially Milk are good protein choices for you to choose.

Another suggetions from Symarom Company: Fiber

Besides Protein, Dietary fiber is also incredibly beneficial thing to keep you full all day. Just use 30 grams a day of leafy greens like kale along with berries or chia seeds. you can lose fat effectively.

Don’t use sweeteners

If you throw a dollop of honey or sugar to improve the taste of your smothie, Symarom Company just want to tell you that it might be makes your smoothie less nutritionally viable and packs in additional calories which will ruin your weight loss plans. You can use cinnamon, salt, or lemon juice as the alternatives.

Don’t make your smoothie to large

Do you know a good smoothie should be no more than 300 calories? Keep your smoothie as few as possible, thin and runny instead of thick or fill up it with every ingredient you can find

In short, all the healthy, low- calories foods might be help you lose weight, but the most basic thing is that you should eat as few as possible, Symarom Company experts suggestes