Symarom official location is in Sembawang with our head quarter is at FoodXchange @ Admiralty Buidling. One of the reason for our position is that Sembawang is regarded as an outstanding food haven in Northen area with the spring-up of numerous new and unique eateries that offers a blend of flavours to enhance your taste.

Sembawang No place better-than for Symarom official location

Sembawang is buzz now with the wave of new food companies raising up to to “feed off” a large number of eager dinners who mwant to taste the noddles that makes Sembawang get its reputation of a destination for dining.

Sembawang No place better-than for Symarom official location

You can take your way to You Huak Restaurant where is in the line of two-storey high shophouses, not yet noon, you will be stroke as an odd to see a mutitude of office workers who queue outside the restaurant for Sembawang white beehoon, one kind of noodles added with seafood and served with thick white gravy

Have you ever heard “the bai mi fen” ? Yes, it is a common Chinese dish, and honestly, it’s not good-looking for anyone to taste. However, bai mi fen is the main draw for visitors to Jalan Tampang. Other eateries in the area also make their own signature dish.

To be in line with the launch of several mix-used developments, there are more restaurants make their own address in Sembawang. Victory 8 at Jalan Legundi, near Jalan Tampang is home to eateries like Umi Sushi and Mootime cafe as well as shops such as Nailz De Kawaii, Chocolicious with the products from homebakers

And FoodXchange @ Admiralty – the strata-titled full-fledged food facility that comes with business space efficient and optimal, especially work well for the food and beverage industry where is Symarom official location.

Symarom Asia Pte Ltd Singapore is one of the international leading producer of flavours, we aim to a diversity of products for international and local company in food and beverage industry. Not only devoted to creating, improving our spectrum of flavours, but Symarom also strives to enhance the relationship with our customers.

Flavour is where our heart is. We are here with the integrity and passion in satisfying our customers with products’ quality and in defining taste – what, as a whole, we do best.

Symarom official location is in one of the foodie destination of Northern Region – Sembawang. Why do we choose it? Join us to explore some excitements of this area…