When buying food, it makes sense that the one is supposed good is the label with the term “natural flavors”- Symarom flavour¬†experts said. Though natural flavors are thought to be¬†better than artificial ones, have you ever thought the difference between these additives isn’t actually clear?

natural flavor still get artificial ingredients Symarom flavour RD department claim

Natural and artificial flavours are not really different Symarom Flavour R&D said

Natural is one of the most ingredients in your food

Four most common ingredients that are listed on food labels are salt, water, sugar and “natural flavor. Unlike three pantry staples, the last one play an unexpected role in food. They not only make food more appealing, provide more taste, but also restore something that is lost in the manufacturing process

“It’s to make sure that you have the exact same tasting food products across the country, any time of the year,” Andrews says. “It’s become the signature of a lot of these products.”

So What are natural flavors in reality?

According to The senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group- David Andrews, there is not much the difference between an artificial flavor and a “natural” flavor. The largest is that the latter includes original ingredients found in nature, then people will purify and extract them and added back into the food. On the other hand, Artificial flavor is totally human made.

Where is the different? The answer is in the origin of those molecules, whether synthetically processed in a lab or purified in a lab but from a natural source. Symarom flavour R&D Department just wants to take note that there are up to 60- 100 ingredients both natural and artificial flavors.

They are not simple as you thought, in any end product, there are always some artificial ingredients.

Natural flavors has any bad effect on our health?

Luckily, the answer is No. The amount of preservatives and solvents in natural flavors is too small to make any negative effect on your health. However the best things you can do to avoid the concern of these problems with just a simple way: Use the whole foods in your diet as much as possible, Symarom suggests. Because you can be sure the flavors in an actual apple didn’t originate in a lab, Andrews said

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