Symarom Asia Pte Ltd notifies that the item listed in the Nutrition Facts of any food’s package that draw the attention best is Calories. Most of us consider them as a dietary bogeyman thạt can make weight gain if we collect so much.

Counting Calories can boost stress Symarom Asia Pte Ltd

But, in fact, “calories are just a measure of energy in food” – says Carolyn Williams, PhD, RD.

Do you know right calories – Explore with Symarom Asia Pte Ltd now

Counting Calories can boost stress

Not as thought, don’t eat too little? Actually, it is likely to make weight lost harder and even your body can go into the mode of starvation. Do you know there is the a stress hormone – cortisol that can get the increase just because of the restriction and counting of calories. And you know, stress is one of possible reasons linking to your weight-gain.

Calories-out? No, it’s just Calories-in

According to the experts of Symarom Asia Pte Ltd, counting calories always causes the “distraction” – nutrition choices poor. In some cases, food industry suggests some ideas that are useless, just due to the total of calories.

Make your own decision of nutrition smart. Use an amount of nuts worth 100 calories instead of a 100-calorie snack pack of cookies. Because the former can provide minerals, protein and vitamins besides calories.

That’s about what you eat, not how much you eat

The food you eat can make important effect on your health, brain, liver function, our insulin, glucose, fat production as well as fat-cell responses. Feed your body right, and it can help you regulate calories without counting. Eat fat and protein, they create more satisfaction than carbs that is the signals for brain to stop eating.

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