Symarom Asia Pte Ltd has conducted some significant scientific studies and see that some health problems like heart disease, stroke, and bowel cancer can be lower if more fibre added into daily diet. Also fewer refined sugar added.

Example meals with fibre from Symarom Asia Pte Ltd

Example meals with fibre from Symarom Asia Pte Ltd

According to Gorvernment Guidelines, an adult need an average amount of about 18g fibre per day. Children and teenagers should only get fibre intake of around 15g or less a day. So how to increase the intake of fibre, simply eat more fruit, vegetables and starchy foods as possible.

Make the room in your diet plan for the list below from Symarom Asia Pte Ltd. They are some example meals that makes sure the standard fibre content for your body.


Collect 9.4g of fibre with two thick slices of toasted bread with a slice of banana. You can try a small galss of your favorite smoothie.

Fibre at lunch

Prepare a meal with tomato sauce the portion of 200g baked beans that is reduced-sugar and reduced-salt and some baked potato. And best dessert should be an apple. Now you get around 13.6g of fibre for your body.


Just end your meal on a high note with the recipe of wholegrain rice (2.8g fibre) cooked with onion, spices and added some curry tomato-based followed by a fruit yoghurt that is lower fat and lower-sugar. All will ensure the intake of 6.5g fibre.

Fibre in Snack how do you think?

Symarom Asia Pte Ltd can recommend a excellent for your snack with just a small handful of nuts, take note that check the label and try unsalted nuts without added sugars like plain almonds. The fibre you can load will be up to 3g of fibre.

Make coutn with Symarom now, the total of fibre intake you can collect through a day will be around 32.5g.


Set up healthy, balanced diet is an important part of enhancing your body, your health as well as your mind. Symarom Asia Pte Ltd Blog will shows guides to have a healthy, balanced diet, people should try to follow. Take your time to enjoy !!

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