Get lots of energy, feel fresh, focus better and keeps nasty bloating away, just with healthier choices for your diets with good nutrition from Symarom Singapore. Some of the healthiest foods should be in your prior list are Plant-based proteins and fats and foods rich in vitamin B.

Just try some suggestions of Symarom Singapore and feel a truly effective way to keep uplift your body and your mind through all day !!

Foods Suggestions from Symarom Singapore to get a your day on go!

Symarom Singapore – Organic Eggs

Symarom Singapore just want you to take notes that Organic Eggs, not free-range eggs! It is Organic Eggs that is really well-balanced food with the yolk contains all the good fats, (a higher amount of omega 3 fats.) B vitamins and choline for brain health.

organic eggs for your diet from Symarom Singapore


Try adding into your favorite smoothie some frozen pawpaw- the tropical fruit rich in vitamin C that is anti-inflammatory and very good for your digestion.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds is an opulent source of fatty acids, magnesium, iron and the B vitamins that can make your day on the move. Soak them in some almond or coconut milk overnight, and then sprinkled with your favorite nuts.


As some study from experts of Symarom Singapore, another fruit that is very good for your nervous system, help creat your happy hormone, serotonin is Banana. Tryptophan, vitamin B6 and the numerous mineral potassium in banana can keep balanced the nervous system.

Raw Algae and Grasses

Spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barley grass – Try to add a teaspoon of them to your smoothie, protein, healthy fats, B vitamins, minerals and also rich in fiber in these can alkalize and recharge your cells.

All above are perfect foods from Symarom Singapore for a super start to our mornings on the go ! Just TRY and FEEL !!!