Beauty products like cosmetics are not expensive but also sometimes harmful to your body and your health. Why you have to buy these costly beauty products while you can find out natural ones easily in your kitchen pantry? Symarom Asia Pte Ltd will offer you a list of unknown ingredients that can be used in your beauty regimen that is totally suitable for any budget.

Beauty treatments in kitchen Symarom asia pte ltd suggests

The pantry is an unexpectedly ideal place for those who want to find natural and healthy treatments for their beauty regimen. They are not expensive as wel as have no added chemicals like products bought from the store.


The first Symarom Asia Pte Ltd suggests is Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar with a amazing antibacterial feature can help your skin detoxify. To get a resort-like relaxing experience right at home, just blend coconut, olive (or sesame) oil, with equal amount of the brown sugar, added a little scented essential oil. It’ s time to unwind and enjoy !!!


It is easy to make a fabulous mask with natural oils to brighten your skin from the mixture of a mashed avocado and some water. According to study from Symarom, the mixture is load with a high number of amino acids that can help reduce the aging sign and keep moisture for dry skin. It is really an excellent antioxidant found easily in your kitchen pantry !!!

Oatmeal and Organic Yogurt

Mix these to make a facial and smooth them over the face, after 5 minutes, clean all with warm water. Lactic acid in Organic Yogurt can help moisturize and exfoliate your skin, beta-glucans in Oatmeal will make skin soft, refreshed, and tighten.

Tea Bags

Make cool 2 of tea bags after brewing a pot of caffeinated tea (can put them in the refrigerator) then place them onto the swelling around your eyes. Tea bags contain natural caffeine help shrink blood vessels, reduce the puffiness quickly.


As known, Bananas as a opulent source of Vitamins A, E, and C, a natural moisturizer you can not miss. Make a soothing facial mask just with some bananas with sour cream and honey or add bananas with avocado and apply the blender into dry hair, leave in for a half an hour before washing out.

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