Asia, bustling with 4.3 billion people and rich in culture and diversity, is home to the widest range of beverages, exceeding that of the Americas and Europe. Spanning its traditional tea leaves, perennial favorites like coffee & soda, ultimately to the new generation of fruit juices, yoghurt, energy and even nutraceutical drinks, the occupants in the largest continent have them all.

As Asia economy continues to expand with the burgeoning buying power of its population, there will always be an insatiable quenching of their thirst.

In this aspect, Symarom formidable range of products include the favourite:

  • Coffee Flavour
  • Tea Flavour
  • Milk Flavour
  • Tropical Exotic Fruits Flavour
  • Energy Drink Flavour
  • Traditional Cola and Lemonade Flavour and Any more…

tea flavours in symarom beverages

Health effects of Tea Flavors

Tea contains a large number of bioactive chemicals, including flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins, caffeine and several polysaccharides. A variety of health effects have been proposed and investigated

Coffee Flavour in symarom beverages

Health effects of Coffee Flavour

Coffee is usually derived from the roasted seeds of several species of an evergreen shrub of the genus Coffea. The ever growing population of coffea drinkers will pay premiums just to have their preferred cuppa, be it being derived from Coffea Arabica, Columbia or Robusta.

Fruits Flavour from symarom beverages

Tropical Exotic FruitsĀ Flavor

Tropical fruits, with their exotic tastes, vitamins and fibers, enhance our live with many rewarding health benefits.