According to a recent study, Symarom reveal that a bar will get an increase of 9.4 percent in wine sales if it use larger glasses of wine. Not the amount, but the size of wine in the glass, is the key to decide how much you can drink.

Symarom suggests Change the glass size to get sales UP

To come to the conclusion, researchers have made a 16-week study in a bar-restaurant with its patrons. They will be served with three different sizes of glass including small (8.4 oz., or 250 mL), standard (10.1 oz., or 300 mL) or large (12.5 oz., or 370 mL) with the same amount of wine, about 175 milliliters or 5.9 ounces.

symarom suggest increase wine sales with larger glass size

Although it is not a clear claim that if you use a larger size of glass, you will drink more than usual, the possibile explaination might be that our perceptions of the amount of wine can be effected relatively by the glass’ size that results in drink faster and order more, Rachel Pechey, a public health research associate at the University of Cambridge and the lead author of the study, said.

Symarom also follows other studies from the same group of researchers on the nonfood factors and how much we can eat. And the simillar is found here as well that the size of bowl, plates, utensils and even the color of the plate can effect that amount of food we collect.

However Symarom noted that comfirming the effect of glass’ size on the amount of wine we will load needs more studies so that some suggestions of impoving public health will be made, for instance, excessive drinking in bar, club can be restricted with changing size of the wine glasses

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