Let Symarom Pte Ltd Singapore show an example that is likely to be something that you have experienced. You are about to make a omelet for breakfast for your children who are hungry. When you crack some into the bow and oh, one of them (or even more) is rotten and the worse is all of the eggs in the bow are spoiled. All that you can do is throw them away and start to do again.

It will be better if you can predict whether an egg has gone bad just by looking at it, isn’t it?

Although eggs are listed as one of the necessary ingredients in many food recipes, they are not appreciated weight-loss diet due to loading a high portion of cholesterol. “People forget that eggs also contain a plenty of important nutrients.” The habit to eat one egg per day can help cut down on the risk of heart stroke or coronary heart disease.

Check your egg in 1 min with Symarom Pte Ltd Singapore

At first, you need to prepare a bolw of cold water, then put the egg inside. And take a look, if you see it sink to the bottom, you can ensure to use it, it is good. In the case of your egg that sink but still keeping standing on its point, it is still good, but you have to use it soon because it cannot be kept longer. In the worst case, the egg floats, don’t hesitate to throw it away.

Check your egg in 1 min with Symarom Pte Ltd Singapore

The reason is that old, rotten eggs lose a plenty of liquid inside that evaporates through their porous shell, so they float,said nutrition experts of Symarom Pte Ltd Singapore, and most importantly don’t use any egg that gets an odd appearance or odor, even if it sink in the water.

How to keep an egg fresh longer

Where we put the eggs to keep them fresh? In the fridge? Yes, in particular, in egg compartments of the door, right? But actually, it’s the worst place in the fridge to store eggs. You should place your eggs in the place that is colder and get the stable temperature – the main part of the fridge.