According to some news the experts at Symarom head office collect, 20 years ago, WHO said that coffee is rated as “possibly carcinogenic” and now any kind of hot drinks is also declared to be able to cause esophageal cancer.

Experts at Symarom head office said do not sip very hot beverage

Experts at Symarom head office said don’t sip very hot beverage

Drinking very hot beverages at or above 65 degrees C (149 degrees F) as “probably carcinogenic to humans”. A working group of 23 scientists the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer reported.

The IARC has done some studies in China, Turkey, and South America where tea or mate is traditionally drunk piping hot. And the result is the beverage is drunk at the temperature that increases the risk of esophageal cancer. And hot drink above 65 degrees C can boost the tumors’ development in animal.

Esophageal cancer is one of eight common cancers worldwide that accounts for 5% of all cancer deaths.

In the manutfacturing proccess of flavor for beverage, the group of experts at Symarom head office have always updated the latest health news in the world to not only make products that compatible with the popular trend andtaste but also ensure the health affects for our customers.

In high-income countries, major causes of esophageal cancer are moking and alcohol drinking. However, in Asia, South America, and East Africa, the reason for this cancer is drinking very hot beverages that is unknown popularly.

Although more studies and evidence is needed, Symarom suggests that people avoid sipping anything scalding hot. As The WHO’s spokesman in Geneva, Gergory Hartl, told Reuters : “We say: be prudent, let hot drinks cool down.”

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