As the experts from Symarom, just only kale, whole grains and wild salmon found in the diet of nutrition pros. And some supposedly good-for-health products- some health-halo items will be put aside? Because, they are actually the worst, as some experts claimed.

“Sticking a “healthy” label on a product will stimulate people to buy. In reality, they fall into health halo effect on these products !!!”, the company of experts from Symarom Asia Pte Ltd said.

Are “healthy” foods really good? Just follow the article from Symarom

Flavored Yogurt

Isadora Baum, Health Coach, Founder of Live for You Now Coaching shared that he only bought plain yogurt or added fruit, seeds into his own instead of choosing his favorite Greek yogurt. Because the flavored yogurts like this will load with more sugar, even somtimes equivalent to a candy bar, he added.

Choose The Terra chips instead of Puffed Veggie Ones

Cynthia Sass, RD, author of Slim Down Now and Health contributor advised that you could choose The Terra chips and eliminate puffed veggie ones like Pirate’s Booty and Veggie Straws from your plates. Becaues their ingredients not only contain veggies but also fulfill with a lot of additives: potato starch, corn starch, white rice flour, a few to name. As Symarom estimates, The 130-calories serving is just 20 less than potato chips.

Symarom advise you to coose Terra chips instead of Puffed Veggie ones

Peanut Butter

According to RD, MPH, a certified intuitive eating counselor and host of Food Psych podcast– Christy Harrison, peanut butter with fewer calories as well as less fat, as some people think will be healthier for our health? Is the right concept? Actually, it is load with healthy fats, and now you know the better choice is buy the real stuff.

Most Commercial Salad Dressings

RD, founder and host of The Healthy Grocery Girl Cooking Show on YouTube- Megan Roosevelt said that you can your own go-to homemade dressing with ingredients like olive oil, herbs, sea salt, lemon, apple cider vinegar. Don’t choose Commercial Salad because they contain a large amount of processed oils or partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors.

Whole-wheat bread

This one of the best choice for your diet, Mark Sherwood NO, and Michele Sherwood, DO, founders of the Functional Medical Institute in Tulsa and authors of The Quest for Wellness claimed. Wheat bread gets the glycemic index of 69 that will help to keep balance blood sugar resulting in high insulin response and in fat accumulation as well as inflammation

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