Iron is one of vital minerals for our health. Get a reasonable portion of it in your everyday diet is not difficult at all, just follow some recipes of FREE- MEAT, GREEN COMBOS that are rich- iron as well as good nutrients from Symarom Company’s Experts

According some acknowledge Symarom Company collects Only 2% to 20% of the iron plant-based foods are as readily absorbed from your digestive system to your blood, and the portion up to 15% to 35% animal foods (heme), which means if you eliminate or restrict red meat from our diet, we will deprive the iron in our body?

recipes rich iron from symarom company

Free-meat recipes rich-iron from Symarom Company

Experts of Symarom Company have conducted some studies and found that you can increase the amount of iron your body absorbs in by plant- based foods as much as six fold just by a simple way: “add some vitamin C into to your diet that is no red- meat included”

Four Combos of iron-rich plant foods- Vitamin C

Spinach (iron)- red bell peppers (C)

You can try minced or sliced peppers blended with spinach salad. Then add olive oil, garlic, and crushed red pepper into the blender. It can help your body get all the iron it needs for sure.

Broccoli (iron) + tomatoes (C)

From leading nutrious experts of Symarom Company, just with these two we can get amazing recipes boosting iron we collect covering all meals. You can put sauté broccoli and tomatoes together, add onions, mushrooms, olive oil, garlic into the blender, it’s a perfect preparation for dinner time. To get a iron supplement for breakfast, make an omelet or frittata with broccoli and tomatoes.

Symarom Company- Black beans- cabbage

Black bean tacos with vinegar-based slaw chopped on the top each topped is a favorable combo that Symarom Company recommend for your meal. Black bean-stuffed cabbage rolls are another great option. You can also make another blend with whole, chilled black beans and a slaw.

Kale (iron) + oranges (C)

Put all these into a smoothie, or enjoy a nourishing snack including an orange and some crunchy kale chips.

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