Our Capability

To better cater for the ever growing regional food industry, Symarom acquired 3 units of factory lots at Foodxchange@Admiralty, Singapore in 2010. With a combined floor space of 10,000 sq feet, the factory was also retro-fitted with new equipment and systems, a modern laboratory and warehouse facilities to augment its production capability. Since then, 2 more units have been added in to enlarge its total floor space to 15,000 sq feet.

Symarom Capability - Homogeniser GOOD

Continuous Modernization

In the bid to serve our customers better and to survive in the ever-demanding market, Symarom continues to invest heavily in core technology to upgrade its facilities. Of significant mention are:

  • In-line solvent dispensing system from bulk storage tanks;
  • Installation plans for semi-automated system (using robotics) for compounding to increase productivity as well as to minimize production errors.

Symarom capability

Overseas Expansion

When it was realized that the Singapore factory was insufficient to cope with the China market, a decision was then made to start a production base in the Guangzhou province. The China factory now boasts a gross floor area of 30,000 sq ft in a 2-storey building and is equipped with quality control laboratory and full-fledged facilities for liquid and emulsion production.

New Horizons

Since 2010, the relentless search for new markets has resulted in Symarom’s bold venture beyond the Asian boundaries. Symarom’s foray now extends to the shores of the Middle East and part of Europe. The future for Symarom Capability remains bright and exciting even as the global market beckons its calling.