Our Humble Beginnings

Symarom started in March 2003 in a rented factory with a floor area of 5000 sq ft in Fook Tong Nam Building, Admiralty Road, Singapore. The core business then was the manufacturing of liquid flavor and emulsion , catering mainly for the markets in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Fook Tong Nam Building

Fook Tong Nam Building – the first office of Symarom

Since its year of inception, it has experienced double digit annual growth without fail. Within a short span of 13 years, Symarom has expanded its business into the entire Asia Pacific markets covering Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, China (including Hong Kong), Pakistan, Laos, Cambodia and as far as the Middle East and Europe.

The goal of the company is the offering of flavor, tailored to the local taste and preference of the small and medium food factories.

Despite its success, Symarom learns that the only way to survive in this ever demanding market is to continuously upgrade its facilities to compete with the regional players.

Investment was made in acquiring a GCMS, analytical equipment from Agilent to carry out advanced research and development, quality control and a micro-biological laboratory.

Currently, plans are underway to enter into automation via advanced technology and robotics.

Symarom Asia Pte Ltd laboratory